Izcalli returned to Denver after a whirlwind of amazing performances in Austin and Dallas, Texas! They were very pleased to be able to rock out  to all walks of life in Texas! During their time, the band got the chance to connect with some awesome fans and musicians. Izcalli made some lasting connections with some Colorado bands such as Tight Thump and Branded Bandits which they hit it off with during the festival, so look out for future collaborations! After an exhausting trip, the band is back to work preparing to drop their new album “Tres”.

Craziest moment at SXSW?: “I’d have to say the very last night, where you could just tell all the fans were drained and ready to wind down. Fortunately, we were still feeling pretty fresh and were able to draw a huge surge of energy from the crowd. It was amazing to capture such an exchange of energy on our last night at the festival.”

What was it like getting around the festival?: “It was pretty crazy trying to get from one venue to another. The streets were packed with people and traffic. We realized we could get around faster by foot and ended up carrying all our gear up to a mile at a time to make it to the next gig. It was pretty physically exhausting, but extremely worth it!”


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